The Wagon Philosophy

I get asked a lot about the story behind the word wagon.

It’s more a philosophy than a story.

Back in the university days. One night in my dorm room, me and my friends were brainstorming a name for a fictional startup that we had to pitch.

After thinking up hundred’s of names, we finally settled at Futurewagon. The logic behind the name was to compare a business to a wagon that can carry all its stakeholders into a happier future. It would create products and services that made the world a better place in someway, and would thereby become a positive change agent, much like a vehicle is. It takes us from a place we are to where we want to be. It’s an enabler.

Fast forward to today, I continued using the name and the company we run today is called Futurewagon. We have an in-house brand that’s called Happywagon. And many more wagon projects in the pipeline. We’ve got used to naming new business ventures and brands with a prefix or suffix carrying the word wagon.

The Core Philosophy:

A 15th Century four wheeled wagon was the most basic and fundamental version of what futuristic vehicles are today. It would have almost sounded magical to the 15th century humans if they were told, their humble invention could someday evolve into supercars and spaceships!

If you think about the invention of a wagon, I’m sure you’d agree that nothing could be more profound for the Inventor. The invention left a legacy behind and evolved into something that has helped multiple generations in extremely significant ways.

With this perspective, the word wagon has the power to turn into a unifying philosophy and a beautiful inspiration. It can inspire all of us to live by some core values –

  • to believe in the power of humility and humble beginnings
  • to believe in fundamentals being right
  • to believe that magic happens in the long term

More realistically, a wagon takes you places. It broadens your horizons. It creates an environment for growth and happiness. It is a powerful change agent that is capable of creating profound experiences.

And that’s what I wish to do with our business ventures – To create lasting impact. To Make people happy and to leave the world a little better than before.

Today, we’re in the business of creating brands and delivering happy experiences. Tomorrow we may be creating something else. But no matter what we do, I’d always wish for us to be true wagoner’s at heart!