On, 31st July 2016, by the help of a series of divine interventions, I took oath as an Ishanga member, and life has never been the same ever since.

Isha Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works tirelessly to impart yogic teachings and philosophies to seekers. Sadhguru is someone whose teachings have had a deep impact on me personally. Isha (anga) means becoming a limb of Isha. All members are offered an energy form and one has to commit to a 10 minute ritual daily along with pledging 7% of ones income to the foundation.

As a result, besides miraculous growth in business, I feel 7% less selfish. I know that the work I do, will somehow in some small way, contribute to the making of a beautiful society. This keeps me emotionally fulfilled.

More on Ishanga here. 

  • I am not an atheist and believe that there is whole universe beyond logic that human mind can never understand but only appreciate.
  • Unless absurd, I try to not let my logical mind come in the way of family traditions and beliefs.
  • I believe that happiness is real, only when shared.
  • I believe in Auras and energies and mystical beings.
  • They say, love can move mountains. I think they couldn’t be more right.

I wrote a book sometime back, I think it outlines some of my beliefs fairly well. You can read it here.