The birth of Happywagon

I’m going to start where I left off. – My previous blog post.

Life is about the people we meet. It truly is. Since my last post, almost a year back, we have grown from a team of 6 to around 20 people strong and there are currently more chairs in office than there is space. I guess, these are good problems to have.

So during the last year,  stars aligned quite a few times again and got us in contact with few brilliant artists and creators. The first of them being – Katie Abey from the UK and Angel Bedi from Delhi. We instantly bonded. It turned out that our core purpose of being in business, was common. And that was to make people happy with the work we do.

We started working and creating products together. People who didn’t know these artists, discovered their work through us. We could tell, that people loved what they saw. At stores, We often spotted people picking up these products and smiling wide.

We realised that there could be strength in numbers. We knew, If we could get more like minded people in the wagon along with us, our goal of spreading smiles and happiness wouldn’t be far away.

We decided to create an umbrella brand. A brand that would set us off on a journey together. So we could leave happy trails wherever we went and with whatever we did.

Quite naturally, we ended up naming our wagon (Brand) – Happywagon

It’s literally, just the start and it’s already got us feeling like the Scooby doo family. (especially when one of our pet members walks into office) Solving mysteries and hopefully spreading smiles as we keep wagoning along.

Image result for scooby doo wagon

We’re working hard to get Happywagon to your city, soon. Until then, we are always online on  You can also find us on Instagram – @happy.wagon

Alicia in her own comical way describes this story in short. However, the only thing I don’t agree with is how nerdy she thinks I am. :/