Simple is beautiful!

Beach is the only place in Tuticorin where one can accompany a friend who’s come from a different city. I obediently did the same today when one of my classmates from college landed himself here. Post dinner, at around 10 PM we went to the beach. It looked astonishing. The ocean looked like a moonlit carpet. We tried staying there for a while but the place was like a deserted island and the strong wind added to the creepy feeling. We left soon after our courage tanks were close to running short.

We drove to the beach road and sat on a small bridge, either side of which is covered with beautiful natural landscape. It has sea water on both sides and truly makes for a fantastic place to relax and rejuvenate.

While we sat there dusting out  long lost college memories. An old man was relentlessly trying to catch some fishes. It looked as though he was mining for gold. So much concentration, so much focus.

Sometime later, the fisherman pulled out a 2 kg fish. Big one. ( picture below )

I went up to him and asked him about the breed. He said something, which I don’t remember. But there were few things he said in the conversation we had, which my friend and I will probably never forget.

I asked him how many more fishes will he take back home. He instantly replied, “I got one today by god’s grace. I will sell it for Rs. 300 in the market tomorrow and that is more than enough earning for a day”.

I had  the “why not more fishes” look on my face. The man looked so happy and contented. He knew exactly what he wanted and life gave him exactly that.

His simplicity, honestly and passion for fishing drove me to dig deeper and ask more questions about him and his life. He said he worked as a mechanic in a private company earlier and had met with an accident where he broke his fist and injured his head badly. He said, god gave me a new life and I chose to be responsible this time. I could see how much he valued his life.

Nowadays, he said, he works with a carpenter during the day. And during the evenings, to relieve the stress he cycles to the beach to fish. Some days he is lucky and some days he isn’t. He says, “I come here to relax, if I get hold of a fish or two like this one, I consider it a bonus.”

We couldn’t stop thinking of how simple this old man’s life was, or rather how simple he had chose to make it and how happy he was; with less. There was something about his life that made both of us ponder.

As we drove back, I asked my friend, So what did we learn from the old man?

Here are the lessons he summed up :

1. Simple is beautiful.

2. No matter what happens, life goes on. ( His life after the accident )

3. Value life. ( Don’t wait for something to happen before we start valuing life. It is #$%^&*! uncertain. )

4. Know what you need and how much of it.

5. Life need not be all about work. Take breaks, slow down, peace out.


P.S. I wish I was taught such profound lessons in College.