The Life Story of Sam – An Ice Cream Lover


Once upon a time, in a village called Icecreampur there lived a boy named Sam. He grew up with ice creams all around him. People in the village were in the business of making ice creams. When he was a kid, he used to have a lot of ice creams. All the flavours you can think of. Multiple times a day. Soon, Ice creams became his only love.

His ice-creamy life went on until the boy was 16. On a stormy night during winter, his mother fell ill. She had a problem in breathing. She couldn’t talk and was shivering badly. People came to help but no one could do anything to make her better. She was rushed to a nearby town.

After months of heavily dozed medicines and numerous treatments, she was finally able to survive. She came back to Icecreampur. However, for Sam and his family problems weren’t over yet. His dad became an alcoholic. They were barely able to survive as the treatment and medicines washed away all their savings.

Before Sam could figure things out, another fateful night his father passed away. Elders in the village said, he had too much alcohol in the past few months and it had weakened his heart.

Sam was left with no where to go. He had to stop school to fetch money for food and his mother’s medicines. As fate would have it, he worked in an ice cream shop. Sold hundreds of his favourite ice creams everyday but couldn’t taste a single one. His boss always kept an eye on him.

For years, he used to work twelve hours a day to earn enough to make ends meet. His mother passed away just after marrying him off to a girl from a nearby village. He had to keep toiling hard for money. Few years later, his boss increased his pay. But soon after, he had a kid to care for. He was always short of money and this went on forever.

– –

In the mad rush for survival, like many others, Sam lost his love for ice creams. I sincerely hope you don’t.