Life changing moves

It’s a simple but powerful word. Move.

Personally, I can attribute a lot of the good things that have happened in my life to just this one action – moving.

Other successful people I know, have made some or all of these moves to get to where they are.

So what can you move?

Here are 10  ideas, that will hopefully help you figure out your own best moves.

1. Move yourself, to a bigger city where all the action happens.

2. Move your standards higher, to the level where you don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

3. Move your body.

4. Move away from the people and relationships that don’t make you happy.

5. Move towards sources of learning and growth.

6. Move from your current circle of influence to the one that helps you live life better.

7. Move your money to places where it can grow.

8. Move closer to the ones you love.

9. Move your focus to the things that are more meaningful.

10. Move from living life aimlessly to designing your life consciously.

Go ahead. Make a move.