Life Of Pi

Disclaimer: If at any point this post is pissing off or it doesn’t make complete sense, I am guessing you haven’t watched or read – Life of Pi. Please watch the movie and get back to the blog.

Be it Life of Pi, Life of Saurabh or Life of YOU, all lives have lessons to teach. Our life hasn’t been written about or turned into a movie, so until that (Even more interesting book/movie) happens, let’s talk about lessons Pissing’s (Oops, Pi’s) life throws out for us to catch.

1.You will be put in difficult situations: Life is eventually going to be a combination of harsh, cruel, beautiful, smooth, rugged and challenging moments. There are two ways to live after knowing this – Just keep sailing or Just keep sailing knowing that at some point you might have to face the storm. I’d prefer the latter.

2.Two eyes are always watching: Call it Krishna’s eyes, Christ’s, Allah’s or even life’s for that matter, they’re looking at you, at how honest you’re being to yourself, at how much you’re persevering and at all that you do when no one’s watching. Watch out and believe, if not, some Pi will eventually tell you a story which will make you believe in miracles, make you believe in those eyes that watch.


3. Most people (animals) you meet will be like Richard Parker – Ungrateful, mean, dangerous and hungry. Watch out. ( Lesson #1 ) The other lesson here is to not be so ungrateful, mean, dangerous and hungry so much so you make someone cry. It doesn’t hurt to spill a few Thank you’s, I Love you’s and Good bye’s along your life’s journey. (And sometimes people (animals) like Richard Parker are the ones who knowingly or unknowingly help you survive life’s battles).

4. Believe and Listen, there are people and stories waiting:  The guy ( I don’t know his name and neither do I care) who listened to Mama ji and came to meet Pi. He believed that there’s a better story out there. He believed Mama ji. Not all people are Richard Parkers. Some guide you along the right path too. The guy was willing to be open-minded and listen. He got his story. Probably, this was how the original author of the book got the story. Probably, this is how you will get your’s.

5. And, Never lose hope: Whenever I used to rant about life’s uncertainties to one of my ex-girlfriends, she always used to say – hope is the only rope we’ve got – to swing through life. (She had written a beautiful poem on hope, which I don’t remember.)

The statement stuck to me. Hope is the only rope. All I want to tell her is – Thank you, I love you and Good bye.

P.S. I hope this post inspires you to think about life lessons and not about who my ex-girlfriend was. 🙂