I believe

This is a book I wrote when I was in College. Currently available for free download.



“OUTSTANDING. MARVELLING. Something that leaves a great impact on your
mind and conjures you to ponder over the kind of life you are leading. A must

-Saurav Vaish
Bestselling Author, Love happens so does a break up.


Treasure trove of life lessons. This book is my recommendation to any age.

-Badari Prasad M.S.
Vice President
M/s Bluvalue


“Simple Little gems Of Life Have Been Described In Such A Beautiful Way In This
Book. A Book For Everybody From Everywhere !! ”

-Ankur Agarwal
CEO, MlmGlobalUniversity.com


Read “I Believe” with a pen in your hand and as you read it, jot down all the
actions that you are inspired to take! If we accomplish even 10% of those actions,
we would have lived the PURPOSE of our LIVES! I am already at it! 🙂

Former IIM A Student & Founder Associate
GutsGo eMarketing


‘I Believe’ is a wonderful read for people of all ages, people from all walks of life-
for people who wish to live powerful and profound lives.

-Sona Ramani
Independent Thinker, TEDx Organizer


‘I believe’ is a bag of pearls of lessons for life. It is a must read for people who
wish to live up to :Veni, Vidi, Vici ( I came, I saw, I Conquered) and make a
positive difference.

-N S Ramasubramanian
Freelance Writer, Engineer, BHEL


“One of the most inspirational books to de-shape and reshape your life. Instills a
die hard attitude with the softest of lessons within you.”

-Syed Muhammad Mudassir,
Webpreneur, Motivational Speaker


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For some it is the sunrise for some it is the sunset.

For some its about reaching the shore for some leaving to explore.

Beliefs influence perspectives and perspectives change lives.


I am convinced. Believe in beliefs.

– Anjana Singhwi


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