How to get unstuck, be happy and live the life of your dreams

I have around 10 blog followers. Very shameful number, as I sometimes call myself a blogger. I had to get that out of my chest.

I was a kid with bad english. Shy, introverted, scared and bogged down by a poor self image. I met a girl, who was fat and ugly but was able to draw everyones attention.  She spoke and people listened like they would to a nightingale’s song on a moon lit night. I was intrigued. It wasn’t hard to decipher that she read a lot of books and had interesting stuff to talk about, which others didn’t know of. Its silly how people think you’re smart when you know something they don’t.

So, I started reading books. I had my fathers library to choose from. It had books with timeless wisdom I thought. One of the very first books I read was Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma. Very typical self help, but that was my starting point. I read a lot since then. I was still shy and introverted and used to avoid all birthday parties. But I found myself becoming less scared with each book I read. I found myself growing in confidence. I don’t know how, it just happened and keeps happening.

I hope to be able to do this, someday!


Inspiration became a drug that I started craving for. I became a magnet to attract good books, inspiring people and how this has shaped me and helped me survive is a topic for an another interesting blog post.

Few things I’ve learnt that I hope will help just about anyone. Especially you & the other loyal blog followers.

A) Read like a maniac

This is overstated and cliched. But it is cliched because its impactful and this is a universal truth. Google 10 people whom you really look upto, its highly likely they write. May be they have a blog. Follow them. List down your interests and find the best selling books in the categories you’re interested in. If you don’t like to read and are a general busy bee, or you think it is too much strain on your eyes. Download audible on your smartphone and listen to books. (I’m doing this lately and loving it)

Some of the blogs I follow:






Few Reading lists

My reading list

The reading list I look upto when I need some inspiration to buy new books

I got an email from Mr. Altucher yesterday, when I thanked him for a blog post he wrote. Guess what, it was a reading list. Here you go: James Altucher’s reading list

B) Give away

There are so many things we hold on to ourselves. It weighs us down. Split everything you have into three categories. (If you do this right, it might surprise you)

1. Emotions

2. Intellect/ideas/knowledge

3. Physical stuff

Further again, wherever it applies, categorise the above into three sub categories.

1. What can you share

2. What can you give

3. What can you discard

You’ll have a cleaner life.

C) Write a thank you email to someone everyday

I was told when I was a kid, if you do something for 21 days in a row, it turns into an habit. I wanted to try this ever since and until this point never succeeded. I tried to use the new year resolution boat to swim me across the 21 day mark and it worked. It’s the 22nd of Jan & I’ve written 21 thank you emails till date this year. The feeling is really humbling. I never knew I had so much to be thankful for.


1% people had tears in their eyes. 5% people called me sounding elated. 40% people responded. 80% relationships were strengthened & 100% people I hope were made happy! ( Including me, 21 times so far & counting  )

Check out an article on  for writing thank you notes.

D) Follow what James Altucher calls THE DAILY PRACTICE 

It is an everyday ritual to keep yourself completely healthy. It involves healing and bettering your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental self.  Here’s how he explains it.

If you’re too lazy to click on the link and read, I’d still urge you to go read it. If you’re a mega lazy person ( MLP ) here’s what I do, everyday:

Emotional: Write a thank you email everyday, try to complain less, try to stay away from negative people.

Physical: I try to meditate, do yoga or put on a youtube video and badly dance.

Spiritual: I try to be grateful for my life and its happenings. I thank the invisible presence that makes the world go around.

Mental: I push the limits of my brain & write at least 10 ideas everyday. I listen to books on Audible everyday. Yesterday, I wrote 16 ideas for a friend to enhance his career and life. He was blown away and probably couldn’t digest that someone actually spent time to think through ideas for him. He was happy & so was my brain & I.

E) Take Action

I read something today. It opened the locks of my mind. Gave me some action points that I had consciously or unconsciously hidden. We all hide things we’re uncomfortable doing, I guess. I will read the below 10 times and then come up with 10 ideas to act on, IMMEDIATELY!  May I suggest you to do the same?

Here’s what I read: What would you be doing with your life right now if you were madly, truly, deeply in love with yourself? Just sit quietly for a moment with the question. Close your eyes and really think about it.

What would a person in your shoes do if they really loved themselves? I’m talking the kind of love a parent has for their child, the kind of fierce intensity that will drive them to do anything to ensure their child’s wellness and happiness.

F) Live life each day at a time

Many have said, how you spend your days will equal how you spend your life. Ensure you have things sorted in your head, have taken stalk of the situation and have some clarity of the direction you want to be headed in. Channelise energies and time towards your goal everyday. Try to live a unstuck, happy and dreamy life everyday, in every small way possible. You’ll soon be the happy rockstar.

G) Be as daring as Samantha Hess 

I was blown away when I read about the business Samantha had started. What surprised me even more was how she has moved on inspite of so much societal resistance. For the ultra busy ( UB ) & MLP’s reading the post, here’s the story: She once saw two people giving away hugs in the city centre. One was charging for the hugs and one wasn’t. To her utter astonishment, she saw people queued up to receive hugs from the person who was charging for it.

Samantha saw an opportunity right there and started an organised version of this business. It’s called cuddle up to me. They are present in malls and retail spaces with small rooms for clients to cuddle. No sexual touch, just reassuring physical contact. They charge $1 for a minute. She dealt with all the resistance, criticism and the law suits. Today,  18 million people have read Samantha’s story. She’s unstuck, happy & successful.

H) Take regular breaks

Tim Ferriss in his book “The four hour work week” says since there is no surety you will be alive to live through your retirement, enjoy mini retirements today. There’s no guarantee that you’ll remain healthy enough to enjoy the ‘off time’ later. Life comes with no guarantees. So it’s best to seize the moment. Break your retirement life, dream life or whatever life that you desire into small pieces and shove it in today, next week and next month. Taking a break will help you look at your life from a distance and will help you get unstuck.

I) Be around the smartest, positive and happy people you know

The smartest I know and follow, constantly learn from the smartest people around them. Read this post, & please don’t be UB & a MLP.

J) Write your resignation letter

If your job, relationship, client, employee is something that’s holding you from being happy, help yourself and give away.

I’m still trying hard & transitioning from the shy kid that I was, battling the truth of having just 10 blog followers and hope to grow up and be a happy child someday.

This post was my list of 10 ideas for the day.