How a routine flight turned into an Indo-American thought fusion


I had heard about ideas & thoughts. Also about fusions in music. I had also heard about idea sex. Nothing about thought fusion until I was part of one, recently.

SpiceJet had cancelled it’s Tuticorin flight from Chennai. They put me on their Madurai flight. As a gesture of kindness, they gave me the best seat in the flight.

I met an American guy who was seated on the aisle seat. His name was Josh. We started talking. It was his very first international trip. He was excited about touring India for the next three weeks. We talked along. After an hour or so, the pilot landed the flight, so badly that some overhead bins popped open. I realised that I didn’t realise how time had passed. We got off and waved each other good bye. I was left musing with the warmth of some silently beautiful perspectives. ( Thank you, Josh.)

1. On Indian Traffic

Indians are so aware of their surroundings while they drive. In most cases, Indians are able to survive utter chaos on the road by fighting our way out without harming or getting harmed. If American roads were any similar, they would all die of accidents.

2. On living in small towns

He stays in South Carolina. Population: 200,000. Low rent. 2 hours away from the beach and 2 hours away from the mountains. Some times, little cities let you enjoy pleasures huge ones can never.

3. On change of plans

He is 31 & not happily single. Had saved up for his honeymoon trip. He’s spending those savings now on this trip. Enjoying it thoroughly. –  Live life & figure out ways to enjoy, even if your planned honeymoon trip doesn’t happen.

4. On American & Indian parenting

Most American parents give their kids too much freedom. Most Indian parents are still nursing their 20 year old babies. Two extreme ends of a scale. He said, in his typical american accent “Somewhere in the middle is probably an ideal place to be.”

5. On family culture 

Most American kids move out and stay away from the family. Sometimes get emotionally distant. Most Indian kids are sometimes forced to stay with their families, often feeling smothered and over protected. Yet again, in his typical american accent he uttered the words “Somewhere in the middle is probably an ideal place to be.”

6. On dating culture

These days, apps can find you your so called cupid in an instant. With the wake of dating technology, Love – somewhere along the way has lost it’s essence. In most parts of India, however hard anyone tries, it’s difficult to find a meaningful relationship via a random app. Few things in life are nicer when you’re a bit traditional. Like preferring a coffee shop meeting with your potential partner rather than just limiting it to a whatsapp text.

7. On experiencing

Someone who’d visited India would have written down an experience thats unique to him or her. It almost never does justice to read about an experience than to just experience it yourself. There’s a lot of difference between the both.

8. On Career

He likes interacting with people and establishing deeper connections. He teaches at a community centre. Bringing positive impact to the society through small groups of people. Being a catalyst. A career is not defined by the suits and ties and 100’s of emails everyday. It’s defined by the positive emotions, work-life balance and overall happiness.

9. On frozen water pipes

I asked him how cold it is back in his home town and he said – 8 degree Celsius. Can’t imagine how cold that feels. He said he was worried about his home pipes bursting due to the water freezing. He had left the tap slightly open to keep the water flowing, this would ensure that the pipes don’t burst. This was new to me! I thought to myself, when you’re emotionally cold and have no outlet, you can burst too!

10. On Acceptance

We didn’t speak of this topic. Nothing close. But the way he seemed to be living through life did speak volumes about his acceptance of various things. I felt, It made him a happier human. Acceptance of the Indian traffic, mindset, people, food, bad landing et all.

I think I stole the last point from the silent words in the conversation.

Silent words. Shhh. we should listen to them.