10 ways to be and make people happy – Part 1

Why 10? Because James Altucher says so. Who is he? He is just another person who has seen the lowest of lows in life, lost money, family, home and regained it all back. This is magic and I believe in success modelling. ( Doing what successful people do )

Why make people happy? Because most of the times, they hold keys to the locks that you want to open. Think on this for a moment.

Happiness is extremely subjective and at the same time is driven by few basic principles which seem to be universal. ( Sometimes not being able to understand life amazes me ) I have tried the ways described below and they have worked on me and for me. Read, believe, digest and see the magic happen at your own risk.

1. Appreciate Gratefulness = happiness. Be grateful to someone for something and the person on the receiving end feels a pleasant breeze sweeping him or her off the floor. ( TIP: Always remember, never say a naked thank you people want you to be exhaustive when you thank them, even if they know why you are thanking them, no harm in reinstating. I guess, appreciation is what people will never get bored of, no matter how many times they listen to the same thing.

2. Make people move Actions equal emotions. Good actions equal good emotions, lousy actions equal lousy emotions. When you are happy you are most probably looking up, breathing deep, and have sparkling eyes. No matter what the situation, get up and get going. Look up, breathe and ta da.

3. Connect  Connect with nature for a change, Connect with an old friend whom you haven’t been in touch for years, Meditate and connect with yourself, talk to yourself, connect with anything that makes you feel good. When you are happy, you are most likely to spread the virus.


4. Give Give love, give care, give kindness, give advise, give money, give assurance, give strength, give security, give fun, give birth, give respect, give way, give away. Giving can only make you all the more beautiful and happy.

5. Share  Might overlap the above point but I saw a movie and it completely made me believe – HAPPINESS IS REAL, ONLY WHEN SHARED. I highly recommend you to watch this true story. – INTO THE WILD.

Will come up with 5 more ways next weekend.

Until then, Thank you for reading. I love you.