Game Changers

This project aims to document stories and experiences of the Game Changers. One’s who shine bright and inspire me. One’s who make me stop and say, “WOW”.

I try to personally get in touch with these Game Changers, interview them and share their story here. Stories which leave behind profound thoughts and strong lessons.

I am a big fan of learning, sharing, inspiring and growing in the process. I sincerely hope reading these stories help you in ways more than many.

If you are or know of any Game Changer, please get in touch and contribute to the project! Thank you.


1. Dhvani Khanderia – An E-Entrepreneur at the age of 20

2. Sanjyot Shah – The Techno(logical) Inspiring Entrepreneur (TIE)

3. Harshwardhan Patwardhan – Founder, Chappers India