How I save myself from death everyday

If you go over to my About page, you will see that the page introduces me as an Entrepreneur. Whereas, in real terms I am from the last 6 months a genuine employee of a manufacturing company and report to a boss who is in many ways just like yours.

I recently read that Vishal Sikka, is going to be the new CEO of Infosys. I didn’t care much until I read that his last drawn salary was Rs. 32 cr per annum. I delved into this man a bit more and learnt that he maintains a blog. Impressive, I thought. I went over to his blog and read something that made me think. Knowledge can be shared, wisdom can’t.  Knowledge is learnt, but wisdom is self-learnt. 


(Image courtesy: The zeal to live, learn and self-learn, I have alive.)

In the fleeting, sometimes bewildering, beautiful and vast existence that people call life, me and my mind floats around the day learning what Sikka calls knowledge. While being at it, I try to squeeze in and convert bits of knowledge into wisdom at times.

Some of the knowledge I have gathered along the rather eventful path that I have travelled, tells me that death comes in various forms. I have died many times a death that eventually relates to emotions and I presume, so have you.

Despite the many annoying nuances of being slapped by the reality of an employee life, I seize everyday opportunities to convert knowledge into wisdom and most importantly, I still choose to call myself an Entrepreneur. Dear folks, I assume, thats how I save myself from death everyday.