Coping with the NEW

After hours of preparation, contemplation, admission, immigration and registration, I finally landed up in the University of Nottingham for my masters degree. It has been more than a month, and I am glad I have finally managed to find some time to make love to my blog.

So, the last month has been all about meeting new people, understanding new cultures, listening to new stories, visiting new places, learning new things and of course coping with them. You see the common thing among each one of those was that they were all “NEW.”

In the last month or so, I have met some good people and very good people. I have seen some good places and very good places. I have learnt some good things and very good things. I have had some good food and very good food. Nothing was or is bad. Nothing at all.

This is what a life of complete newness does to you. It forces you to be non-judgemental. (The moment you start judging, you start slaughtering your experiences even before they are born.) It lets you live life in the moment. It lets you live life the way it should be.

All this probably starts after your initial high comes to an end. That’s when you start missing the lovely people who are back home in your country. That’s when you start feeling completely lost, lonely, sad, and contemplative. And in my opinion that’s when you start coping. Living.

A life of newness is worth it, and anything worth it is hard as hell. There’s no magic formula to put up with the harsh realities. All you can do is just smile. Be humble. Be flexible. Be open to life and its lessons. Be positive and be love. It pretty much sees you through your hard times. It certainly has seen me through.

I have to admit that life today is nothing close to what I expected it to be. (Perhaps. it never is and never will be.) A month in a new country among new people has already taken me through a series of radically different emotions, some were evident, some weren’t and some were evident in spite of me not wanting them to be.

Life in the new – It’s messy, It’s muddy and it’s foggy. But it’s completely worth it.

Have you recently coped with anything new? I hope you have and I hope you continue to.

P.S. If you understand hindi, listen to this song on youtube, here. If you don’t and you are interested, drop me an email and I will try and translate it for you. 🙂

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  1. Aniket Shah says:

    bro its 2 good:) n nice to knw dat u have a blog 🙂 intersting 🙂 keep me posted wid ur blogs 🙂

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