10 ways to be and make people happy – 2

I like speaking my mind and writing it all. I believe in raising standards of life and honesty I feel is a catalyst.

Getting back to the continuation of last week’s post..

6. Exercise your brain like you exercise your body. Use it everyday.


7. Empty your stomach everyday. Do all the practices that help you achieve this goal. I bet you will be happier and lite.

8. Write to me and may be complement. Try and intervene. Try and make some positive impact. Try and make someone smile.

Some ideas this week from someone whom I look up to.

9. Live in the moment – Most of us spend time reminiscing the past or worrying about the future, hence we lose the precious moment that we are actually living in. Make the most of what you have and be grateful for it! and you’ll be happy

10. Be Happy – There may be numerous tips and many  articles written on how to be happy; but you  cannot be happy unless  you make a  conscious decision to be happy. No other person or any external situation has the ability or a magic wand to grant you happiness. Only you can make yourself HAPPY.

Mad love to you again.